I have always loved television and radio and realising I could write for them was something that took me longer than you might expect, partly because I wanted to write funny things and my TV kept telling me that only boys can do that (that TV was a proper little bully now I look back...).

Now I'm a writer for Big Finish and my first Doctor Who Audio, Displaced, will be released this September.


I currently have two sitcoms in development one of which was a finalist for the Funny Women's Writing Award 2019 which was rather lovely. I was a Shadow Scheme writer for the BBC's Holby City and trained briefly at NFTS where I now give talks. 


Displaced - Doctor Who Audio - 7th Doctor Monthly Adventures - Big Finish - 2020


Past Birmingham - FuseFM - 2010


Scaredy Kat - podcast - released July 2020

zazU: Raisins to Stay Alive - in development - 2020


Nudge - Grambo Ltd. with Story Futures - in production


Funny Women Writing Award Finalist - 2019

Shadow script writer Holby City - BBC - 2017-18

zazU comedy shorts - 2015-19

RedPlanet Award Finalist - 2016

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